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Welcome To Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd

SOLAR ELECTRO BANGLADESH LTD. (SEBL) has founded in 2010 at Dhaka, Bangladesh which is one of the leading Importer of Solar Panel, Consumer Electronics, CPVC Pipe & Fittings, Solar Charge Controller, Battery, On Grid & Off Grid Inverter, Solar Street Light & Solar related all Products, LED Bulb & Tube, Energy Saving FAN, Prepaid Meter etc. and also Exports Ship Breaking Products, Jute items to New Zealand, USA, Japan, Germany and England.

SEBL is working to promote the renewable & alternative energy in Bangladesh; we are providing ultimate solutions for the current power crisis with Solar System, especially for the domestic and commercial sectors with the latest tools and techniques along with experienced group of engineers.

SEBL was one of the first Solar Company in Bangladesh and it has installed numerous medium and large Solar Systems nationwide.

Recently, The Company has successfully installed Country’s Biggest Solar Mini Grid Project at Monpura Island, Dist.Bhola, Bangladesh. The Project has been jointly financed by SEBL, IDCOL, DFID and World Bank. Management of World Bank, Washington DC has selected the project as a role model and has done a documentary on the same. Moreoversimilar more 2 Projects are under construction at Noria & Bhedorgonj Upozilla, District Shariatpur under same financial model.

The philosophy behind the ‘THE SEBL’ is to make introduce people with alternative & renewable energy source and mobile technology which they can implement in different sectors to meet up their power and communication demand and also has a commitment to the highest level of satisfaction to clients where we aim to provide ultimate solution with excellent communications and ensuring high quality products with dedicated service.

We think ahead

The largest Solar Mini Grid project of this Sub-Continent is “Monpura Solar Mini Grid Power Station” which has been founded by Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd. (SEBL). This 177 kw Solar Mini Grid Project has been financed jointly by IDCOL, World Bank, DFID & SEBL throw Debt Grant & Equity Ratio Fund by the Technical Financial Model of IDCOL, SEBL has constructed about 15km distribution line ti ensure proper electricity supply which will serve 2 big Hat’s & surrounding Villages that includes 500 Households, 150 Commercial, 10 Workshop and 5 small Industries like Saw-mill, Ice-cream Factory & Rice-mill etc.

Engr. DM Majibor Rahman

Managing Director & Co-founder


The SEBL is currently holding one of the strongest positions in design, installation & consultant for Solar Mini Grid & PV Grid MW Power project.

177 KW Solar Mini-Grid at Monpura, Bhola.

Monpura Upazilla is an Island of Bhola District in Bangladesh. There are almost 100000 People living in this Island of them 3000 people are getting electricity facilities from 6.oo pm to 1.00 am in a day at present through Generator by WZPDCL and there is no electricity facilities for the rest of the 97000 people.

In the year of 2015, 177 kWp Solar Mini-Grid was being open and that is why about 25000 people of this Island are getting solar grid electricity instead of oil lamp or funnel. The self-employment has been created commercially and the people who are affected by climate change have enabled to acquire livelihood for getting solar grid electricity.

Ongoing Three Mini Grid Project

At present, the construction work for Installation of 2 x 249.6 kWp Solar Mini-Grid Projects are running at Kachikata Union of Bhedargang Upazilla & at Noapara Union oif Naria Upazilla under the District of Shariatpur by which almost 20000 people would benefited through this Solar Grid Electricity.

Successful installation of more than 550. Solar Roof Top Solution around the country

Since 2010, Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd. has been working to set Solar Roof Top and till now the solar electricity has been producing through almost 500 Solar Roof Top in total 1 MW.

Providing Solar Grid Power to Off Grid Areas climate affected disaster people in Bangladesh.

The people who are living in the Islands, coast affected areas and Off-Grid areas and also affected by climate change, Solar Mini-Grid has been providing them Grid quality electricity by which they can enable to get several facilities like lights, fans, workshops, small industries, irrigation, commercial enterprises, online line, internet browsing, computer training etc.

Above all, for installation of solar Electricity new self-employment is creating one after one and also develop the living conditions of those people most likely the people who have acquired ability from climate change affect.

Successful installation of more than 750 nos. Grid tied/ Off-Grid projects countrywide

Since 2010, Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd. has been working to install Off- Grid Solar System and at present Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd. has been working to install On- Grid Solar System which is helping to meet up the demand of National Grid Electricity.

Working for 1000 MW energy saving around the country

Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd. has been marketing and installing LED Bulb of Luminous Brand. There is a possibility to save 1000 MW Electricity through using LED bulb, LED tube light, LED TV, Energy Saving fan Instead of Traditional lights and fans.

177 KW Solar Mini-Grid at Monpura, Bhola

The Largest Solar Mini Grid project of this Sub-Continent is "Monpura Solar Mini-Grid Power Station" .




Solar Panel


Ah Battery



Some of our notable activities in the pictures

Managing Director of Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd (SEBL) has 27 Years’ Experience in Bangladesh Power Development Board. Specially, he has experience in Power Distribution System, Generation and Transmission including Commercial System, Construction of line & substation with Operation & Maintenance System along with 7 years’ experience in Solar Power System.

Solar Mini-Grid Project in Monpura, Bhola.
Main Gate of Solar Mini-Grid in Monpura, Bhola

Honorable Visitor’s: Ms. Heleno Connor, DFID, Farzana Mustafa, DFID and also IDCOL Representative

Honorable visitor talking with consumer in front of the Monpura Solar Mini-Grid

Visited to Monpura Solar Mini-Grid by Helen O’ Connor from DFID Bangladesh and a Representative of UK Embassy

An excellent moment of Honorable visitors into the Hall room of Monpura Solar Mini-Grid

A Welcome Greetings to Ms. Julia Bucknall, Head of Energy, from Washington DC, World Bank, South Asian Region and her companion also IDCOL Representative in Monpura Solar Mini-Grid

A mind blowing reception into the visitor.

A fruitful discussion regarding inverter battery charging system into Inverter Room

Visiting inverter room in Monpura Solar Mini-Grid

A Presentation about Monpura Solar Mini-Grid to Ms. Julia Bucknall, Head of Energy, from Washington DC, World Bank, South AsianRregion and her fellow companion also IDCOL Representative

The honorable visitors talking with the workshop owner.

Honorable Visitor’s: Three top Executives from Washington DC, World Bank Headed by Ms. Julia Bucknall, Head of Energy, South Asian Region and her companion also IDCOL Representative

A wonderful moment of honorable visitor in front of solar panel
Tv Show

Talk-show: How to reduce electricity bill and introduce to energy saving appliances ? (2011)
Guest: Mr. A. M. M. Rizoyan, Ex-chairman, BPDB and Mr. D. M. MajiborRahman, Managing Director, Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd.

Participation in a TV talk show at ATN Banngla

Visited to Monpura Solar Mini-Grid by 8 Executive Directors of World Bank from Washington DC, America

Main Gate of Solar Mini-Grid in Monpura, Bhola

Solar power is changing lives in Bangladesh and has helped the South Asian country leapfrog into an era of using renewable energy to light up homes – and quickly going a step further. Clusters of solar panels in remote islands like Monpura and villages such as Saidpur are helping small business owners and farmers access affordable and reliable electricity to improve productivity and climb the rungs of economic prosperity.

World Bank created documentary about Solar Mini-Grid in Monpura, Bhola

Meet Our Members

Managing Director
Engr. DM Majibor Rahman
Director & CEO, Device Division (Xiaomi)
Dewan Kanon
Md. Mashiur Rahman Limon

There's a way to do it better - Find it.

Sameur Rahman
Sameur Rahman Sourov

Our Valuable clients

Some Clint List of Solar Power Package deployment installed & Commissioned by our Company, Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd.

West Zone Power Distribution Co. Ltd. (WZPDCL)

Boyra Main Road, Khulna

Building For Future Ltd.

Gagan Shirish, 76 & 76/1, Panthapath, Dhaka-1215

Bay Development Ltd.

Bay's Edgewater (9th & 10th Floor), NE(N) 12, North Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212

Shanta Denims Ltd. & Shanta industries Ltd.

156 & 177, DEPZ, Dhaka.

Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC)

Shaymoli Division, Dhanmondi Division, Kamrangirchar Division, Narayanganj Division

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Thanks to our sponsors: UKAID, World Bank, and IDCOL. With their support, we have been able to extend our hands for a wider reach.

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